About Me

Born in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, I wasn’t really looking for God. But through a series of inexplicable events, while studying engineering in 2000, I became a believer. Quite a dramatic change of events for an agnostic/druggy turned Christ follower! I continued working in engineering after graduation, at the same time doing part-time Christian ministry at Pollsmoor Prison. About two years after graduating & working I started studying theology while working with teenagers at an Anglican church. I graduated with a BTh in 2008. Currently I work at Jubilee Church in Cape Town as one of the pastors. I’m also married to the girl of my dreams & have a little one on the way! I love Jesus, absolutely love my family, love the Cape Town & hope that what you read here will encourage you!


11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Ryan…
    When can we get another blogpost? Missing being inspired by your wisdom…!

    I hope 2013 is an awesome year for you guys!

    • Hey Anja, wow thanks, didnt realize you read this. Sorry about the delay. Was so busy changing jobs at the end of last year. But I’m settled at Jubilee and will be writing regularly again. Jesus Bless – Ry

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